Squid-2 Roadmap


This document outlines future Squid-2 features.

  • OBSOLETE status for Squid-2.7 series will occur with the release of Squid-3.2

  • DEPRECATED status for Squid-2.7 was achieved in Aug 2011.

  • UPDATE: As of May 2008 the active Squid developers are now concentrating all new features and developments at Squid-3. If Squid-3 does not meet your requirements, please notify squid-dev of the missing requirements which need to be ported from Squid-2. Some are already known and listed on the Roadmap for Squid-3

Release Map

These aims consist of the wishlist outstanding for 2.x series. Some of these items have been implemented in the 3.x series.

The remaining Squid-2 plans are now down to polish and performance polishing and still planned for implementation later in the Squid-3 RoadMap.

  • Restructure the data paths:

  • Server -> Store buffer referencing (Complete; not integrated)

  • Restructure HTTP request and reply paths to take advantage of buffer referencing (Complete; not integrated)

  • BEGUN (3.1+) Break out some code into separate library modules, including documentation and some unit testing

    • memory management
    • debugging
    • buffers
    • strings
    • http request parsing
    • http reply construction

  • BEGUN (3.2+) Separate out client-side server-side code from caching logic

  • BEGUN (3.2+) Memory and Disk storage changes

  • Split storage index lookup code to be fully asynchronous
  • Look at supporting sparse objects efficiently


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