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[DIFF] 05:11 Info AmosJeffries avoid cd failures causing trouble when setting bridge options to 0
[DIFF] 21:44 Info AmosJeffries [1]
YuriVoinov [2-4]
#01 fix grammer and spelling. rearrange to prevent duplication of info and clarify the multiple "more" sections
[DIFF] 08:55 Info AmosJeffries [1-2] #01 merge text from Features/MemPoolsImp rovements, and remove obsolete API docs (reference doxygen page instead).
#02 Renamed from 'ProgrammingGuide/Me mPools'. this is a feature, albeit a code feature for developers
[DELETED] 08:45 Info AmosJeffries merged with Features/MemPools
[DIFF] 10:14 Info AmosJeffries clarify what the keys map to in the config example, and drop old bug reference
[DIFF] 14:36 Info FrancescoChemolli
[DIFF] 15:09 Info AmosJeffries
[DELETED] 14:39 Info AmosJeffries [1]
RolfRisiko [2-10]
#01 Sorry Rolf, this is a duplicate of ConfigExamples/Inter cept/SslBumpExplicit and the differences are either missing info here, or details specific to Debian packages.
#09 Work in progress
#10 Work in progress
[DIFF] 12:46 Info RolfRisiko [1-4]
[DIFF] 20:01 Info YuriVoinov
[DIFF] 20:00 Info YuriVoinov


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