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[DIFF] 21:39 Info Eliezer Croitoru Addition of 3.5 beta and couple updates. why is the apt-get section inside the raw text?
[DIFF] 21:35 Info Eliezer Croitoru Addition of 3.5 beta and couple additions.
[DIFF] 23:44 Info Amos Jeffries update fedora package versions
[DIFF] 10:46 Info Eliezer Croitoru Missing line in the rpm build node process.
[DIFF] 15:45 Info FrancescoChemolli Renamed from 'EliezerCroitoru/Dns l/client_helper'.
[DELETED] 14:55 Info Eliezer Croitoru
[DIFF] 09:54 Info Eliezer Croitoru Replacing the moneta gem with dalli due to the fact that memcached gem needs build tools which should not be a constrain on an installation.
[DIFF] 08:27 Info ChristopherSchirner [1-3] #01 added linebreak
[DIFF] 09:49 Info Eliezer Croitoru
[DIFF] 07:38 Info Amos Jeffries schedule notice for SSLv2 removal
[DIFF] 05:01 Info Amos Jeffries remove mention of CNAME assignment. add 3.5 rsync to source mirrors
[DIFF] 17:06 Info Eliezer Croitoru Fixing a typo.


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